December 4, 2012


I was shopping the other day for the holiday season and I found this gorgeous top at a thrift store. It's all knitted and the details on the sleeve are reminiscent of a football jersey. I said to myself, "This is so me!" Kinda girly and somewhat edgy. What a great buy!

A lot's been going on lately. These past two weeks were booked by parties, bazaars and events. Oh and I modeled for my friend Joco Comendador and other designers over the weekend. Their collections were amazing! I shall share a few photos with you later on my Tumblr.

Anymoo, back to my look. One other thing I love wearing is skinny jeans with heels. They make your legs look long and you instantly look poised and elegant. You can pull it off with any top. Whether you're wearing a blazer, a tank top, a button down, you can never go wrong. These are one of my birthday heels by the way.

I like how subtle the colors clash into each other. Black, white and hints of red, a little sparkle, metal, my hair and my skin.

I've been looking forward to my weekends lately. I just can't wait for the holidays! Ho ho ho!

'Til my next post! Toodles!

THRIFTED blouse / GUESS jeans & watch / FERRAGAMO belt / GIBI heels / TOPSHOP bag / EVER NEW necklace


  1. You have such a great blog, and even a greater style! :)