April 23, 2013


If you have a keen eye, you've probably already spotted what's changed. Or, what's back to normal, in this case. (This is the part where you look at the first photo again and squint your eyes.) OH! It's my..

April 2, 2013


I've had my letterman jacket since I was in 2nd grade. Yes, I lived in Monterey for a year and I can still remember most of everything that transpired there. I collected Pokemon cards, rode my bike to school,   and found banana slugs and racoons in my backyard. I'd go on enumerating all my favorite moments but I'm really just here to describe my outfit.

March 31, 2013


I'm at that certain age where I'm caught between wanting to still wear young pretty girly outfits and moving on to more laid back, timeless ones. I guess I prefer wearing something comfy now and classic rather than something ostentatious and made out of that sheer polyester in different colors. I've really learned and taken into heart the saying - "It's not what you wear, but how you wear it."

March 28, 2013


So I recently had my hair done for summer! I dunno if I've successfully achieved the ombre look but it'll take a few washes to get the toned down colors I want. So this is my hair for now! What do you think?

March 17, 2013


Summer is here! Time to go to the beach! I really need a vacay! I need to be in the ocean! Just a week to go! And I really feel this dress expresses all my emotions at once!

March 5, 2013


I was invited by Jacob's television production class to be their guest fashion blogger. They were simulating their own talk show and they invited other guests such as Pat Sugui and Ericka Villongco. Cool right? So I spent almost a day planning what to wear for the show mainly because they asked me not to wear anything black, red or white. I WENT BERSERK. Lol. Almost everything in my wardrobe is black, white and gold. I actually already planned to wear a red skirt. (Good thing I didn't because the sofa was red) And last minute, they asked me to stick to pastel colors. So ta-da! My casual pastel day look. Here I am at the new Henry Sy Building. Yay! Checked in on my Foursquare.

March 4, 2013


It's better to look understated these days rather than looking like you spent all day planning your outfit. This is what I usually wear on casual days. Something really comfy such as this baseball sweater paired with something somewhat fitting and very feminine like these gold shorts. I then make it all classy with my new pair of burgundy pumps. When I realize I'm wearing something chic and effortless, it makes me feel good about myself and the rest of the day.