December 17, 2012


I'm finally free from schoolwork this year! No more homework! And what better way to start off the longest vacation I'm ever gonna have from school than to go shopping!

I went to Rockwell, did a little shopping and took outfit shots. This is my take on sweater and denim. Pairing these two gives you depth, texture and color. Plus it was comfy under the rainy weather and I always find myself freezing inside Rockwell, so this outfit was just perfect.

I wore a cap too, just to balance out the dark denim going on with my shirt. A little matchy-matchy can't hurt. It's my boyfriend's cap by the way. For me, it's always a good idea to wear a necklace over a sweater so I made sure to do that. Simple accessories and a timeless bag made this outfit work.

Have you met my new babies? I can't say they're my favorite because I love all my shoes. But they're gorgeous right and probably 5 inches high. The best part of all was I got my dad to pay for them so, score! I told him I was going to wear them to Malacanang for his ceremony. I lied.

COTTON ON denim button down / THRIFTED sweater / SINEQUANONE skinny slacks / GUCCI bag / FOREVER21 heels / EVER NEW necklace / GUESS watch


  1. Love you outfit here, Raiz! :) Miss ya!