November 18, 2012


I'm twenty one! Looking forward to another great year! People tend to be so iffy and sensitive about their age but I always get excited every year. I don't care if I'm getting older. I guess I'm pretty happy with what transpired and with what I've accomplished within the previous year.

I wanna start something new this year so why not start with my blog? Now that I'm 21, I'm going to be a little more sophisticated but still true to my style. Welcome to my new blog guys! Follow me!

My three favorite colors will always be black, white and gold. It's great to play with these colors this season. It's getting colder too so pull out your sweaters and jackets let the layering begin!

With this look, you can see how much I love playing with textures. From my wooly sweater, to my tweed shorts, leather bag and suede shoes, I just love how it all comes together and becomes an effortless look.

I hope you guys like what you're seeing so far. I'm still fixing some glitches here and there. Help me spread the word around!

H&M jacket / GUESS sweater / HK shorts / RUSTAN'S bag / MATTHEWS heels


  1. Belated happy birthday! God bless you! =)

    1. Thaank you so much Joyce! Thanks for dropping by! :D

  2. Finally youre on blogspot! never figured out how to leave comments on your tumblr :) i remember you were supposed to be on our table (with arnie, kelly and sarah) at the daphne scents launch and i wanted to tell you i loved your top :)
    happy belated birthday, guapa :)


  3. You have killer legs! :)
    Nice outfit by the way :)

    Jamie Kate

  4. You're so pretty! You have awesome hair. :)